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Fuji Xerox continuous successful batch of centralized procurement of photocopiers

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Recently, the CPC Central Committee organs directly under the procurement center, the central government procurement center has announced the 2014 second and third bulk centralized procurement project bid announcement, Fuji Xerox with outstanding product cost-effective, strong logistics and after-sales service system, from the many Text printing equipment manufacturers come to the fore, in the two Jicai Zhong won a total of nearly 400 sets of digital composite machine orders, becoming the first successful bidder of the two procurement center project manufacturers, but also the number of successful products twice the most manufacturers.
In this case,
Fuji Xerox two successful equipment will be mainly used in the central units throughout the country and research institutes, more than 70 government agencies and institutions, covering 28 provinces, 69 regions, including the polar region, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, southwest border And other economically underdeveloped, traffic is not convenient, difficult conditions in remote areas.
In this case,
For a long time, Fuji Xerox to cost-effective products and quality service in the national government procurement of large single-award. Fuji Xerox will also meet the needs of government printing as an important strategy, and has introduced the "Chinese custom" product-rich product line, expand after-sales service network to enhance customer satisfaction. With the government procurement printing / copier product model changes, Fuji Xerox also fully cooperate with the government machine purchase to adapt to changes in procurement patterns, timely adjustment of strategies to assist the government units to achieve low-cost, low energy consumption and efficient office.
In this case,
Fuji Xerox has won the central organs of the CPC Central Committee Procurement Center, the central government procurement center of the second and third phase of mining projects, reflecting the price system, service capabilities, industry experience and other aspects of the implementation of the outstanding advantages. Fuji Xerox will take advantage of the nationwide service network and outstanding service capabilities to ensure the smooth progress of after-sales service such as the follow-up delivery of the installation of the Fuji Xerox has always been Fuji Xerox attaches great importance to the business field.

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